The Key is in your Hand

As you decided not to be alone as a Man or woman, Bringing God into your home and let the Liberty Better life educate you on right practice would possibly help along the Journey.

Today, many people wonder if it is even possible to stay with one person for a whole lifetime. Well, God thought so when He designed marriage. Take time to invest in your marriage and learn of God’s plan and packages that goes with marriage by joining one of our “Married for Life on practical” Bible-based marriage courses. Get the tools and principles needed to beat the odds. Either join one of our one to one mentoring by appointment,, you can as well join one of our Saturdays interactive and exploring fellowships at the No 2 Veridion Way, Erith, Greater London, England.

The first portion of One for Life focuses on individual healing and growth. Marriage should begin on a solid foundation of personal wholeness. The course then takes the couple on a journey of discovery and preparation for the most important relationship of their lives—marriage. Their coaching couple, along with the local 2=1 team, is then available to help them face the challenges and changes of their initial stages of marriage.