The Key is in your Hand

If our Lord Jesus Christ in the flesh were to walk up beside you right now, what would you do? I suspect no one would be demanding to know about when their prodigal would be coming home. We would each one be bowing down in silence, listening to what He was about to say to us. If you are a Christian, you have the Holy Spirit with you every moment so why are you not listening?

Charlene and I want to share with you a key to hearing from God. It is found in journaling, or writing down thoughts during your quiet time with God. As we have shared before, while we were divorced and Charlyne was standing, she could not afford a lot of material. She had her Bible, one notebook, a couple of cassette tapes (remember those?) and her journal. With only that, she prayed me home.

What is a journal? It can be any dollar notebook. My wife used steno notebooks. Your journal can become like a best friend. You can write out your hurts, your fears, your prayer requests, your answered prayers, your praise to God and so much more. You can even write out your questions to God. Your journal will never betray you by repeating confidences of what you have written.

Under the bed that we sleep in is a large plastic storage box. Inside are my wife's limited stander's material, a few letters that I had written to the kids while not living at home and a bundle of those steno notebooks, all filled with the thoughts of a hurting, but hopeful wife. The entries also contain special scriptures and other words the Lord gave to her.

I knew nothing about her journaling, even after we were remarried. Several years ago, while we were working on the bedroom together, one of us pulled the box out. The time was right for Charlyne to allow me to read what she had written daily for two years. You cannot imagine how the words of my wife touched me.